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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long has Acme Partyworks been in business?

Acme Partyworks has been providing games, entertainment, and party rentals since 1992.

2. I’ve had issues with companies that cancel the delivery of the equipment to my party.  How can I be sure you won’t do the same?

Once you book an inflatable or any item from Acme Partyworks, we'll send you a contract and that item will be yours for the specified time on the contract.

3. What is your delivery area?

Acme Partyworks has a very large delivery area.  There are minimal delivery rates depending on what city you are in (distance).

4. Where are your prices?

Depending on the time of the year and/or day of the week, the pricing varies.  Contact us by phone or email us if you'd like a complete price list.  If your looking for a specified quote, please fill out our contact us form. You can call us at (248) 477-3327.

5. What happens if a problem occurs at my event and its after office hours?

Acme Partyworks has a 24 hour emergency number that should be used for anyone that has a problem with equipment or services. The number will be listed on the upper right hand of your contract.

6. Can adults participate on the games.

Yes, depending on the game.  If it is a small inflatable, such as a 10' x 10', it isn't really appropriate for adults.  However, adults can go inside to help their child if needed.  If you are looking for a game specific to adults, there are many items that we offer that are adult appropriate; such as many of the items under the Competitive Games section and the larger 20' x 20' moonwalks.

7. Can the games go inside?

Most games can go inside.  It's only limited by how much room you have inside.

8. What do I do if it rains or if the weather is bad?

If you already have an inflatable setup in your yard and it starts to rain, you should turn the inflatable off until the rain stops.  If there is wind gusts that exceed 15 mph, the inflatable must be turned off for safety reasons. 

9. Can I come to your facility to see the games displayed?

You are welcome to come to our office and warehouse location at any time.  However, our inflatables are rolled up and on shelves.  You will not be able to come in and look at the inflatables if they are rolled up. 


1. How many hours do you book the inflatables for?

The inflatables are priced two different ways : daily without staff, or hourly with staff (starting at 4 hours).  For the daily rate, if your party was on a Saturday, we may do the delivery on Friday and pick it back up on Sunday (if applicable).  We can certainly deliver and pickup the equipment in the same day as well.

2. Do you offer any specials?

Depending on the time of year or day of the week, we do offer specials.  If you rent multiple games and/or inflatables, we frequently will give discounts based on a package price.  You can also check out our online packages & specials page for other promotions.

3. Do you offer staffing?

Yes we do.  Staffing the inflatables usually starts with a minimum of 4 hours.

4. Are you fully insured?

Since 1992, Acme Partyworks has been fully insured.  By fully insured, we mean 1. Liability Insurance, 2. Property Insurance, 3. Worker's Compensation, and 4. Automotive

5. What kind of surface can the inflatables be setup on?  Does it have to be perfectly flat?

Virtually any surface.  However, there are some exceptions where grass is required.  The surface should be somewhat flat.  Steep hills are not good for inflatables.

6. Can I pick up the inflatable?

Acme Partyworks allows customers to pickup 10' x 10' inflatables, 13' x 13', 15' x 15' inflatables, along with carnival games, concessions, and yard greetings.  The reason we do not allow any inflatables that are larger, is because the inflatables larger than 15' x 15' are quite heavy to move.

7. What kind of vehicle do I need to pick up an inflatable?

A mini-van, sport utility, a large van, or a pickup.  For a mini-van or a sport utility, the rear seat may need to be folded down or removed.

8. How do I inflate the inflatable?

Acme Partyworks will provide you with a blower that plugs into a standard wall outlet, stakes to secure it to the grass, and the inflatable.  Typically, the inflatable will inflate in a matter of minutes.

9. What does a “clean 20amp circuit” mean

A clean 20amp circuit refers to a standard outlet with nothing else on that circuit.


1. Can I pick what I want the yard greeting to say?

Yes, the letters that come with the yard greeting are individual - meaning we can pretty much say anything you want.  Most of the time, people will choose to use the lettering that is shown in the yard greeting pictures and add the name and/or age of the individual.

2. Can I add the name of the person to the yard greeting?

Yes you can, refer to question above.

3. Can I pick up the yard greeting?

Yes you can.  It all comes nicely in its own carrying case.

4. Can it fit in my car?

Yes.  It can easily fit on the backseat, or in many cases in the trunk


1. What do clowns typically do?

Clowns are a very good choice for childrens' entertainment.  Clowns usually do a mixture of balloon animals, face painting, and pocket magic.  Some clowns will do story telling and games as well.

2. How many children can the clowns entertain per hour?

Clowns can usually handle up to about 10 children per hour doing the activities shown above.




Acme Partyworks provides inflatables, party rentals, and entertainment for both children and adults! Acme Partyworks has one of the largest inventory of inflatable party rentals in Michigan! A great item for a birthday party, school, church event or a company picnic.

Since 1992, Acme Partyworks services Inflatable Party Rentals to Michigan, the Detroit Area, Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and surrounding counties. We also service further areas out to Port Huron area, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and most areas in Michigan.


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