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Our History


ACME Partyworks began in 1992 out of the garage of Jay and Lynn Millar in Farmington Hills, Michigan. During that winter, the 17-year-old Dan Millar and his father, Jay, started the business part-time by putting the Orbotron in Livonia Mall on a pay-per-play basis. After three months in that establishment, the Orbotron was brought to Wonderland Mall for an additional two months. It was then rented out for the first time at a graduation party after spending five months on the two malls.


By 1994, Jay and Dan expanded their inventory by purchasing the Trampoline Thing, Sumo Wrestling, the Dino Bounce, an obstacle course, and the Gladiator Joust. ACME Partyworks was the only company in Michigan providing Sumo Wrestling at this time. We continued to gain new customers, and the company began to outgrow our family garage.


ACME Partyworks had approximately 20 different party rental items by the year 1997. We also moved into our first office and warehouse location in Farmington Hills. Over the years, we continued to grow at a rapid rate, moving into a larger warehouse that was approximately 5,000 square feet by the turn of the millennium.


During the preceding years, we primarily focused on company picnics and corporate functions. But many things were happening in Michigan during the early 2000s. Companies were scaling back the employee events, parties, and functions. To adjust to these changes, we began focusing not only on business-related events but also residential parties, church functions, school and college events, and more. We also enacted package pricing. Because of these adjustments, we continued to grow.

The year 2000 also marked an important change in our business. ACME Partyworks discontinued one of the most popular items that we also brought to Michigan: Sumo Wrestling. Throughout the years this was operated, we saw great potential for injury. We made an important decision to discontinue that item, even though we had eight suits in operation at this point

To this day, Sumo Wrestling is still a popular item rented by many companies across the country and around the world. Unfortunately, there have been serious injuries and some deaths as well. ACME Partyworks, thankfully, never had any accidents, and we are glad to have made that critical decision back in 2000.


ACME Partyworks, under its incorporated name of Milco Inc., diversified and began a manufacturing division in 2003. That’s because, for many years, we have received lots of calls for rentals of birthday and over the hill related yard signs or “yard greetings.” We designed and created self-contained Yard Greeting packages to address our customer’s requests.

Milco, Inc. began selling the self-contained Yard Greeting packages in November 2004 at an amusement convention for the rental industry. For more details, visit Milco Inc.’s website today.


In 2005, ACME Partyworks and Milco, Inc. moved into our third office and warehouse location. This building, also located in Farmington Hills, was 7,500 square feet.


Milco Inc. took over the manufacturing, sales, and marketing of one of the most durable portable miniature golf in the market. This product has been around since 1994 and continues to be a popular item to this day.


When 2009 came, we spread our wings again and dove into the mechanical bull rental market. We made alliances with hundreds of different independent contracts, but we couldn't find a reliable bull vendor.


ACME Partyworks and Milco, Inc. moved into our fourth office and warehouse location (which had an area of 10,000 square feet) by 2010. During that year, ACME Partyworks was providing rentals for close to 2000 events annually. As always, our company remains focused on quality service, providing clean and safe equipment, being on time, having a friendly attitude, and being available on the phone.

Our manufacturing division continued to grow as more businesses are adopting the Yard Greeting packages into their rental program. In addition, there were many home-based startup yard greeting businesses that started using Milco Inc.’s products.


In 2012, ACME Partyworks and Milco, Inc. moved into our fifth office and warehouse location in Novi, Michigan. This facility was 15,000 square feet. For the first time in the history of the company, ACME Partyworks now resided outside of Farmington Hills.

During this year, we provided equipment and entertainment for more than 2,700 different events! We also bought new products to add variety to our offerings, most notable of which are the Day at the Derby, Monster Wave, Wild Rapids, and the Photo Booth.


For the first time in the history of our company, we no longer owned an Orbotron. Due to insurance restrictions and a few other factors, we decided to sell this product. It was a difficult choice, as the Orbotron was the first rental item that started the company out of Jay and Dan’s home garage.

To us, it was out with the old and in with the new. We purchased approximately 20 to 30 new or upgraded items in 2013. Some standout purchases for that year are The Log Slammer, the Electric Trackless Train, and the Photo Booth Strip.


ACME Partyworks currently has a large inventory of inflatables, interactive games, yard greetings, and more! We are proud of the work we have done over the years, and we look forward to many more with our customers in Metro Detroit and its nearby areas. Whether it’s a birthday party, church event, or company picnic, we have the right items for you to have a memorable time.


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